Treatments and Procedures

Reversing the effects of natural or intrinsic ageing through the use of non-surgical treatments is an excellent alternative to invasive surgery. 

Dr Lionel Chang (BS BS FRACS) is a specialised plastic surgeon with extensive experience in maxilla-facial and general reconstructive surgery. Using a series of artistic techniques with injectables that have been perfected over decades, Dr Chang applies the most advanced products to add symmetrical composition and volume to help reverse the effects of ageing.

In the same way, Dr Chang is noted for multiple anti-ageing procedures including biodegradable thread lifts, the latest innovation in ‘mini-facelifts’, upper and | or lower eyelid surgery [blepharoplasty] and chin liposuction, an effective procedure that permanently removes the deposits of fat underneath the chin and refines the shape of the jawline.

Each can be combined as an ANTI-AGEING package in conjunction with our MediSpa’s skin laser treatments, medi-peels and medi-facials.

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        Also see our EXCLUSIVE MEDISPA packages.

  • CHRISTMAS PROMO | — Plump up the volume of your lips with 1 ML of dermal filler. Priced at $400 [valued at $600.00]. Or focus on one or several areas in the face from $450 for 1ML [valued at $600].
    Priced from $400.00 | 
  • CHIN LIPOSUCTION | Yes! A Double Chin Reduction for Xmas Day or New Year’s Eve — incorporating a soothing LED Therapy and a luxurious Peptide Mask. The removal of fat  [the double chin] is immediate.
    From $2,100.00 | 
  • See our giveaway on FACEBOOK or sign up to our NEWSLETTER. You will then be in the running for a total rejuvenation giveaway package [valued at $2000] or Medik8 | Biopelle Tensage Christmas gift. Please scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • MICRO-NEEDLING | Total Rejuvenation — inclusive of two sessions*, the M Pen [pro] ignites collagen and elastin production in the face. Also included the package is a Biopelle Tensage kit valued at $200. Can be re-packaged to include the neck and hands. Valued at $610.00.
    Priced from $499.00 |

I n t e g r i t y o f  t h e  F a c e

Eliminating The Risks

The price of beauty should not come at a physical cost.

As with any cosmetic procedure, there are safety risks and complications associated with injectable treatments. To achieve a safe and quality outcome, it’s essential that you choose a fully-trained specialist plastic surgeon or cosmetic physician skilled in the nuanced application of injectables.

Dr Chang’s extensive experience and innate artistry in anti-ageing procedures provide patients with the right level of structure, contouring and volume — optimium results that uphold the integrity and natural beauty of your face.

Thread Lift | Dr. Chang Australia

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Dermal Fillers | Dr. Lionel Chang

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Why FRACS Surgeon

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anti-wrinkle treatment

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chin-liposuction treatment

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smooth eye treatment

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Vaginal Tightening | Dr. Lionel Chang

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micro needling

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