Beautiful Lips


Whether you want to ‘plump up’ the volume of your lips like a Kardashian, restore or contour them to their youthful fullness or simply give the corners a subtle lift, our lip fillers will give you the desired effect and luscious look.


Thin lips, ageing lips, wrinkled lips and drooping lips. The key to addressing any of these issues lies with the medical knowledge, skill and artistry of the practitioner and the best choice of lip fillers suited to the structure and shape of your mouth.

What are dermal fillers?

 Dermal fillers are a series of very fine gel injections which are used to plump and replace lost volume and add definition to the lips [and also around the mouth and chin].

Safe and not permanent, there are several types of fillers used including a popular TGA-approved gel that contains the identical active polysaccharide found in our skin. Injected below the epidermis into the connective tissues, its function is to absorb water and create a supporting and moisturising environment for the production of collagen and elastin. In turn, the fillers can correct and /or rejuvenate the treated area.

Ideal for patients who are conscious of the minimal volume and/or shape of their lips, the minimally-invasive process takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, with the effect lasting anywhere from six to 9 months [subject to the amount of gel used to create the ideal volume]. Dr Chang’s approach to lip augmentation will also vary due to each patient’s unique physical composition and the aesthetic effect. This may include using a fine cannula through only a tiny entry point at the corner of the mouth to inject the filler in order to achieve a smooth and natural-looking appearance.

It is important to note that bigger lips are not necessarily better. The proportion of its size, shape and definition to the face should underscore the best outcome.

For deeper facial furrows such as the prominent fold that runs from the lower nose towards the corner of the mouth, collagen-based fillers could be added to add volume and trigger the production of collagen over cheekbones and along the jawline. The filler, however, cannot be used to augment the lips and is typically suited to patients aged between 25-55 years of age [subject to the condition of the skin].



Do the injections hurt?

For most patients, the series of injections are more uncomfortable than painful, however, a topical numbing cream can be used to first numb the lips. Following the injections, your lips will experience swelling, bruising and possible numbness, however, the short-term effects will subside within days.  LED Light Therapy may also be used to help reduce any immediate swelling or bruising.

If you’re planning to enhance your appearance for a special occasion or event, it is advisable that you undergo the treatment a week ahead of the date.

What are the risks?

The risks with fillers are low in the hands of a skilled practitioner, however, in rare instances, some patients may have an allergic reaction. At your initial consultation, your medical background, history of allergies, the desired effect you want to achieve and the realistic outcome will be reviewed by Dr Chang. If you wish to reverse the effect of the lip fillers, an enzyme called hyaluronidase can be used to dissolve the substance.

If you want to coincide the procedure with other non-invasive rejuvenation treatments including microneedling and BBL Therapy, we welcome you to book a consultation, concurrent or a follow-up appointment.

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