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Gone are the days when skincare regimes only focused on using ten-step serums, oils and moisturising creams. But what do you use in their place as the perfect hydrating serum for the eyes? Minimise dark circles and brighten the complexion? And renew your skin cells with science-based formulas; products that not only promises to rejuvenate but also soothe the texture of your skin as you sleep?


Start with finding the most advanced products that can address the effects of ageing and treat skin irregularities in a synergised skin care regimen. 

Our staff recently went in pursuit of a range of products that would regenerate skin tissue and prevent further cell breakdown. But our skincare obsession didn’t end there. After engaging in a lot of research, our senior dermal therapist found that Biopelle®, an absolute game-changer in advance skincare solutions used a unique technology that repairs and protects environmental harm to the skin.

By applying SCA Biorepair technology into a two-in-one beauty regime [a dynamic fibroblast growth factor that features the secretion and eggs from the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail], we could individually harness the different strengths to address the multiple causes of ageing and regenerate new skin cells. And the results were quite remarkable.

Here is the low-down on Growth Factor and Stem Cells.


Stem cells are the foundations of every organ and tissue in our body are active throughout our life. But as we age beyond our 30s – 40s, our body’s natural stem cells lose their ability to regenerate once old cells have died — an ongoing cycle that leaves your face looking dull and wrinkled. As our present cells continue to deplete over time, so do the essential proteins which are vital in the support and preservation of the skin’s structure.

In the same way, our natural ability to heal damaged skin through the creation of proteins and peptides [called ‘growth factors’] equally diminish over the years. And how we age is influenced by our chronological age, genetics and the accumulative ROS build-up [reactive oxygen species], which fuels the thinning of the skin.

Promoting cell generation and delivering hydration with a patent fusion of SCA Biopair Technology, Tensage Growth Factor helps address the multiple causes of ageing and counter advanced ageing caused by UV photo-damage, skin toxicity and the environment. Also offering increased hydration for softer skin and a softening of wrinkles and fine lines, Tensage Growth Factor equally leaves the skin protected from free radicals with renewed elasticity and a firmer appearance.

According to Tensage, clinical studies conducted over a 90-day period [twice-daily application] showed that patients saw a 46% per cent reduction in deep wrinkles, 40% reduction in irregular pigmentation, a staggering 78% reduction in the sallow appearance of the skin and a 100% reduction in dryness.

A dream for blemish-prone skin is the Tensage® Intensive Serum 40 Post Procedure Ampiles [special orders only], which delivers a high level of growth factor after micro needling, laser treatments and other aesthetic procedures. The Daily Tensage Serum, Soothing and Advanced Creams and Eye Contour and Radiance Eye Creams equally pack a punch when used twice daily.


Working together reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, rough-textured and uneven skin tone, Biopelle combined its SCA Biopair Technology featured in the growth factor products with its Cellpro Technology, which assists the natural production of stem cells and provides further support to the proteins that are vital in the preservation of our skin.

Along with replenishing, reinforcing and restoring healthy and youthful looking skin, the range of stem cell products also features nourishing formulations for mature skin.

We especially love Tensage Stem Cell Eye Cream and the moisturising cream that is ideal for the face, neck, and decollete. The additional ingredients also feature retinol, peptides, sodium hyaluronate and other brightening factors.

Book an appointment with Michele for a skin consultation and treatment. Biopelle Tensage is available for sale at our MediSpa clinic.


Our senior dermal therapist, Michele Hetherington can recommend a selection of serums and creams tailored to your skin.  Also enjoy the benefits of a Medi-Facial, Medi-Peel or three Micro-Needling treatments at our multi-purpose clinic.

Please view our non-surgical and surgical anti-ageing packages with plastic surgeon specialist, Dr Lionel Chang [MB BS FRACS].

 Biopelle Tensage’s advanced skincare

*Please note that the snails’ secretion used in the collection of Biopelle’s SCA Biopair Technology were not harmed. The secretion is also filtered for purity before being added to the Tensage cosmeceuticals.