Trends for 2019


Over the past decade, we have seen a shift with patients undergoing a variety of non-invasive treatments to reboot their appearance — from cutting edge IPL and laser technologies that target cellular regeneration to anti-wrinkle and contouring treatments that plump, smooth and restore the face. At the same time, many are focusing on their home-care regime.

We put the spotlight on the latest cosmetic trends.


The cosmetic industry has long been a game-changer in the way it not only shapes both the application techniques and rejuvenated appearance where the shift towards “clean beauty’ has seen the combination of science and technology leaving patients with leaving clinics with plump, contoured, smooth and luminous skin. So much, marquee names in cosmeceuticals are teaming up with the medical world’s top researchers to harvest the benefits of their discoveries — as in the case of Biopelle Tensage, Medik8, Cosmedix and more.

In the same way, the upswing for technical innovation has created a shift away from traditional plastic surgery with less invasive procedures performed —  quite often, subtle enhancements that maintain the youthful look and take under an hour or even minutes to perform.

In fact, patients are rightly demanding more and more from our skincare regime and rejuvenation treatments than ever before but without a dramatic physical change.

 Thread lifts with dissolvable collagen-producing cones that anchor and lift the jawline, cheeks, brow and neck. Anti-wrinkle injectables to smooth the region around the eyebrows and eyes. Dermal fillers to add volume and contouring to ageing faces or to fill in areas around the nose, chin and jowls. What’s more, lip fillers have taken a different direction where oversized pouts have given way to contoured, subtle and naturally-shaped lips and temporary nose augmentations are now in demand, with the effective tweaks providing a beautiful, symmetrical finish at a fraction of the cost and with minimal side-effects.

Technological advances in body shaping have also augmented market growth. Our clinic is now performing more liposuction and non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures than ever before, with Dr Chang’s outpatient techniques enabling lesser hospitalisation surgeries and faster recoveries.

Despite this, plastic surgery procedures such as upper arm reductions, tummy tucks and breast surgeries have grown even more popular with blepharoplasty [eyelid surgery] the most requested for both men and women. With an eyelid lift, we are seeing younger patients seeking surgery along with patients aged between 50 and 65 years — the age when the muscles around our eyes start to weaken, and our eyelids can no longer support the extra tissue.

In the same way, Asian eyelid surgery now dominates most surgical procedures with patients wanting natural folds created in the upper eyelids, giving a more wide-eyed appearance.



Due to the rise in popularity of selfies on Instagram, one of the most significant is the industry’s shift is the promotion and delivery of products and services on social media.  

So much, Australians are now spending millions on anti-ageing treatments with many millennials igniting new-generation followers and changing the way we approach our skin-care regime.

Women and men are now more informed; more confident and are taking control of what procedure they want and how much they are willing to spend. They also undergo regular non-invasive treatments to prevent more invasive procedures later in life and value the benefits of regularly maintaining the skin.

Best of all, they’re unapologetic about the work they’ve had done, and they’re not above using A-grade cosmeceuticals for a boost.

As far as skin care solutions go—online or offline  — is that acne, pigmentation, rosacea and scarring are just as important to our patients as the texture, tone and glow of their skin.

Of the many medical-grade treatments that have dominated the lunchtime menu includes our IPL photo facial and  Broadband Light BBL™  Forever Young which each bringing immense benefits. The weapon of choice when targeting rosacea and pigmentation resulting from melanin in the skin, patients especially love the minimum downtown and the end results. By utilising the pulses of broadband light and different filters to deliver the photorejuvenation, the advanced technologies help trigger collagen production and are used to treat stretch marks, scars and atopic dermatitis.

Entire procedures often take less than 45 minutes, but with minor and temporary side-effects including bruising, inflammation and swelling.


Today we live self-obsessed world, yet any social stigma attached to a cosmetic or surgical procedure has gone. And what we will see will be more niche treatments, body and facial contouring and an ongoing quest to drink the foundation of youth.

Patients love the versatility that Fotona’s lasers, with many requiring fewer sessions to resurface the skin, target fine line and wrinkles, and help remove spider veins, acne scars, unwanted hair and tattoos.

Packing even more punch is the Fotona vaginal tightening laser which tightens the pelvic floor muscles and canal, and simultaneously addresses urinary stress incontinence, laxity and dryness.

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