Anti Ageing Chin Liposuction

“Plastic surgery requires a high degree of technical skills to complete the full reconstruction of form and function. But more importantly, plastic surgery requires an imaginative mind to be able to see the likely outcome before the commencement of the surgery, making it both challenging and satisfying.”

                                                                                                    Dr. Lionel Chang [MB BS FRACS]


Eyelid Reduction |

Eye Lift

As we start to age in our 30s, our eyelids begin to accumulate fatty tissue behind the upper and lower eyelids, with the skin becoming loose and droopy. In fact, our eyelids are one of the first places that reveal telltale signs of ageing.

For some patients, the looseness of the upper eyelids can also impact the upward gaze of the visual fields.

Blepharoplasty surgery is an upper and | or lower surgical eyelid reduction procedure that reverses the appearance of aged and tired-looking eyes, leaving them more rejuvenated and youthful in appearance.

Additionally, Dr. Chang specializes in eyelid surgery for Asian patients, which leaves a pretarsal crease in the eyelids that are absent in the natural fold. The end results leave the eyes looking larger in appearance.

As an alternative to surgery, dermal fillers can be injected around the lower eyelids to soften the effect of ageing by reducing the hollowing of the tear troughs.

DOWNTIME: Day surgery performed at our clinic. RECOVERY TIME: Between a week to ten days for the bruising and swelling to subside, with the sutures removed approximately seven days after surgery.

The results are long-lasting [approximately 10 years; subject to your unique physical composition and age].


Introducing Dr Lionel Chang [MB BS FRACS].

In the video presentation, Dr Chang outlines the answers to the procedure’s most frequently-asked questions. 

Please note that the information featured in the video is only a general  overview. During your consultation with Dr Chang, you will receive a comprehensive assessment based on your age, medical history, unique physical characteristics and your desired outcome. 

Due to the privacy of our patients, actual images featuring BEFORE and AFTER shots will only be presented at the consultation. We thank the patients who have granted us permission to use them for the purpose of demonstrating their results. Please also view our gallery.

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