Lunchtime Lifts

No longer are you required to undergo invasive surgery to drink from the fountain of youth. A lunch-time lift will deliver more youthful results without any extended downtime or pain. So what’s on the menu at our Burwood clinic?

Whether you’re about to attend an important event or you feel that the condition of your skin is in need of an instant rejuvenation boost, our MediSpa is now offering Lunchtime Lifts to help patients achieve volume, smoothness and firmness.

In fact, more and more patients are looking for ‘power facials’ and anti-ageing treatments than ever before. This includes quick procedures that trigger cellular turnover and collagen production, hot-spot fillers to plump up the volume, and anti-wrinkle injections to freshen the dial — all applied with a subtler approach so there’s minimal downtime and the results more natural.

Subtle finishes

Gone is the frozen look, with the trend now focused on resetting the ageing process rather than fighting it.

“Patients are definitely opting for a fresher, more natural look,” says Michele Hetherington, senior dermal therapist. In the same way, patients are looking for minimally-invasive procedures that will achieve great results. 

Along with myriad injectables and Silhouette Soft thread lifts, we are seeing more patients opting for non-invasive Intense Pulsed Light treatments to counter photo-ageing occurrences [excessive UV exposure and dehydration of the skin], laser resurfacing and BBL Therapy for skin tightening and pigmentation, Microneedling infused with a potent cocktail of vitamins and minerals,  carbon laser peels for a porcelain effect and Medi-Facials laden with stem cells, powerful peptides and antioxidants to counter pollutants and promote skin fitness.

“The objective is to optimise the results so that the skin looks smooth and radiant, and the build-up of collagen and elastin are long-lasting,” adds Michele. This includes applying hydrating wrinkle fillers that stimulate the body’s own natural collagen production.

But each shares a common theme — non-complicated procedures that not only offer long-term benefits but are also driven by transformative results that begin to repair and regenerate the skin within 24-72 hours of the application.

Here are the most popular Lunchtime Lifts performed by Dr Lionel Chang [MB BS FRACS] and Michele Hetherington.

Anti-Wrinkle Injectables

For many patients, the preference is to have a refreshed look rather than a frozen one. As such, men and women are opting for a softer, more relaxed look; a direction that is seeing patients return every three to four months for top-ups, as opposed to visits every five months. And between engagements, patients are also undergoing BBL Therapy and Microneedling treatments to help stimulate the production of proteins and cellular turnover.

Using a natural, purified protein to temporarily relax the contracting facial muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, around the side of the eyes [crow’s feet] and the frown lines between the eyebrows [glabellar lines], the treatment can last up to four-six months.

When applied by an experienced injector, the risks are minimised and the end results will leave you with a natural and more youthful look. The long-standing use of anti-wrinkle injections can also prevent deeper wrinkles from occurring.

Though there is really no downtime following the 15-20 minute procedure, some patients may experience slight bruising and swelling around the injected area.

Patients can also use makeup to conceal any light marks before returning to the office. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have experienced any nerve or muscle damage in the past, you should disclose this during your consultation with Dr Chang.


Whether you’re focusing on the volume of your cheeks, jawline or marionette lines with either a hyaluronic acid-based or a calcium-based filler, the name of the game is to give instant liftoff.

As we age, the production of collagen and elastin in our skin begins to slow down and the natural hyaluronic acid that is found in our body loses the capacity to bind and store water in our skin. As a result, the skin regenerates less efficiently as it loses moisture and volume, and it also becomes drier and thinner. The loss of volume results in sagging skin.

Carefully-applied dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid gel will allow you to add volume to the area[s] of concern, leaving you with a fuller and more natural appearance.

A minimally-invasive process, the gel comes in different viscosity and particle sizes, which may result in Dr Chang using a combination of a cannula [chin and cheeks] and a fine needle to achieve the best results. Dr Chang will also frequently stop to assess and massage the substance beneath the skin — a technique that creates a completely smooth surface.

We can use different fillers [hyaluronic acid and a protein-based gel] to address other targeted areas of the face.

Jawline: Dermal fillers to the jawline can help redefine a sagging jawline or offer a structural platform to jawlines that asymmetrical or lacks contour.  Patients may experience slight swelling and bruising, which will resolve after a few days.

Lips: Lip fillers which contain Hyaluronic Acid [a naturally occurring substance found in our body which helps the skin to retain moisture and volume] are the perfect way to plump and shape to lips — especially with older patients lacking in definition and dimension [such as thin lips]. A series of light, anti-wrinkle injections may also be applied to contour the marionette lines and augment the jawline. The procedure delivers immediate results within 48 hours by enhancing the lips’ natural shape and plumpness, leaving you with a soft and natural looking pout.

Nose Reshaping: Non-surgical rhinoplasty allows you to temporarily re-shape and contour the nose. Effective for improving minor defects, the fillers can also give volume to nose profiles, improve the nose folds, correct a bump or hook on the nasal bridge, and symmetrically balance the nose in proportion with your other facial features with little or almost no downtime

Hands: If your hands require a more dramatic fix, fillers will be injected into the top layer of the skin to create a more youthful and smoother appearance. And for those who are worried about sun spots and pigmentation, Michele will remove them with an IPL device several weeks before your appointment with Dr Chang.

Cheeks: Fillers are ideal to add volume to the cheek area where there is a substantial loss of soft tissue. The effects will help counter this effect, leaving you with a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance.

How long do the results last?

Most fillers last anywhere from four—12 months. The effects, however, will be determined by the amount of substance used and the skill of Dr Chang, who is a FRACS-qualified plastic surgeon with over 30 years experience in the application of cosmetic treatments.

Instant Tightening

Taking the Lunchtime Lift to another level is our MediSpa’s range of Intense Pulsed Light [IPL] treatments, each providing different wavelengths that target ageing or sagging skin.

Doused with serums and various wavelengths of light, it is best to hold all calls on a Friday afternoon and enjoy the minimal downtime so that your skin will look radiant and dewy within seven to 10 days.

Any redness of the treated area will mostly subside within 24-48 hours though typically, you will experiencing some crusting of the skin, which will first darken before the cells gradually flake off. Michele will also recommend a post-recovery skincare regime to optimise the results.

Though you may initially experience a flicking or a mild-stinging sensation, the procedure is relatively fast and in most cases, an anaesthetic cream will not be required.

We also love the results that Broadband Light Therapy generates for patients —especially if you require tightening of the jaw and neck, or have undergone chin liposuction.

Below is an image of Michele’s neck [before and after using BBL]. The achieve the best results, two-three treatments will be required within short intervals.

Post care

To maintain the effects of the treatment, Michele will recommend a customised anti-ageing skincare regime. This includes adapting the suitability and strength of the serums and moisturisers to your unique skin composition.

You can get your hands on Biopelle and Medik 8’s coveted beauty products at our MediSpa in Burwood. Formulated with transformative medical- grade ingredients to suit all skin types, our products are also budget-friendly and leave patients feeling beautiful and radiant.

For all appointments and consultations, please contact practice manager, Jane Luong on 97446755.

Individual results may vary.