It’s no secret that by the time New Year rolls around, our skin is in need of a serious boost. And there’s no better time to celebrate the ‘Year of Beautiful Skin’ and reboot our tired skin cells with Medik8’s advanced cosmeceuticals than right now.



Everyone deserves having beautiful skin.

For many patients, the Medik8 CSA Philosophy Gift Pack will strike the right balance in skin restoration and rejuvenation.

Behind its high-performance skincare philosophy is the simple platform it uses to promote its versatilityVitamin C plus sunscreen by day, Vitamin A by night. 

The Medik8 CSA Philosophy Gift Pack includes a Surface Radiance Cleanse, which purifies the complexion, C-Tetra+ Intense for luminous skin; Advanced Day Total Protect which acts as a barrier from harmful UV rays, and Retinol 3TR+ Intense– the most effective ingredient in anti-ageing skincare which rejuvenates your skin as you sleep.

In our blog on protecting our skin barriers, we spoke of the importance of using the right products to repair and rejuvenate our skin.

Unlike most Vitamin A [retinol] serums Medik8’s Retinol 3TR+ Intense is formulated for most skin types. If its active levels are too high, it will do more harm than good to the protective skin barrier. 

  • Priced at $150.00

To get you started, we recommend that our senior dermal therapist, Michele Hetherington first evaluates the condition of your skin and custom-devise a skincare regime.

  • A consultation is priced at $75 [30 minutes].
  • To welcome you to your beautiful skin care journey with us, you will receive 10% off your first Medik8 purchase.


In addition to the powerhouse KCeutic post-treatment cream we spoke about in our last blog, we are also excited about the results Medik8’s B5 Liquid Rejuvenation Serum brings for an immediate hydration fix.

By providing instant absorption into the skin, the dynamo B5 serum works well on most skin types, helps protect your natural skin barrier and serves as a great base when you’re applying your foundation.

Alcohol-free and long-lasting, the powerful serum also packs a powerful punch by holding up to a thousand times its weight in water as its optimum blend of hyaluronic acid draws and binds water from the environment directly into the deepest layers of the dermis.

Boosting its effect is the infusion of vitamin B5 to improve the skin barrier’s water retention and trigger cellular turnover. Instantly, you will notice your skin looking fuller, supple and noticeably nourished. What’s not to love?

  • Priced at $79.00



For every skincare regime, there is a solution.

Starting with the right cleanser will allow you to focus on a good night’s rest while your cleanser gets to work.

An excellent product we now promote for night-time cleansing is the Medik8’s Hydrating Rosemary Foam which removes the build-up of impurities on our face. Ideal for sensitive skin, the Gentle Cleanse™ is infused with a burst of hydrating natural glycerin and rosemary oil to moisturise, soothe and safeguard the skin.

Following water, glycerin is one of the essential ingredients for the function of soothing and hydrating the skin. Synthesised from the natural moisturising elements that are found in our epidermis, glycerin helps provide our skin barrier with essential protection and hydration, leaving the skin softer and fresher.

Arguably one of the best addition to the cleanser is the rosemary’s natural antioxidants, which helps prevent free radical damage – the main culprit that leads to premature ageing of the skin. In the same way, the pH-balanced formula is also free from sulphates [such as detergent], which can cause irritation and dryness to the surface of the skin.

And the result? The silky foam leaves your skin fully-hydrated and supple to touch while the infusion of rosemary scent will soothe the senses — just the way we like it for a good night’s sleep.

  • Priced at $45.00


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Disclaimer: Individual Results may vary.