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Your consultation with Dr Chang |

The team at Dr Lionel Chang & Associates takes great pride in providing patients with the highest standards of safety, care and respectful communication throughout the entire cosmetic journey.

Dr Lionel Chang [MB BS FRACS] specialises in blepharoplasty [eyelid surgery], rhinoplasty [nose surgery], brachioplasty [armlift surgery], otoplasty [corrective ear surgery], and breast augmentation, mammoplasty and mastopexy surgeries as well as non-surgical anti-ageing and laser treatments.

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Step 1: The Process |

Your consultation with Dr Chang plays an essential role in the surgical process. Therefore, it is important to us that you have a complete understanding of the associated risks that may come with the desired surgical procedure or treatment and that you’re comfortable with every aspect of your decision-making process.

Along with reviewing your medical history, Dr Chang will recommend and devise a procedural solution that will optimise the desired effect. As such, Dr Chang will discuss in detail his surgical techniques, any level of scarring, possible complications that may arise following the procedure, and the requirements for your ongoing post-recovery care. The expected recovery period will vary based on your unique physical characteristics, age, skin condition and general health.

At the end of the consultation, a cost will be provided along with relevant information you may need to raise with your general practitioner [GP] and healthcare provider. A referral from your GP is required, and it will remain valid for 12 months.

What you need to Know?

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Step 2: Pre and Post-Operation |

Before your surgery we will issue you with a step-by-step guide. The outline will include where your surgery will be performed, the type of anaesthesia that will be administered, what level of pain, swelling or bleeding you may encounter following surgery, the surgical support garments we will provide you with, the expected recovery time and detailed instructions on post-operative homecare.

Please also ensure that you arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled surgery and don’t hesitate to request off-road parking if the procedure will take more than one hour. We will also issue you with special instructions in relation to any medication, food and drink before you undergo any procedure.

As there may be temporary effects resulting from the local anaesthesia, we will ask that you arrange for a friend or relative to drive you home. If not, we will organise a taxi for you.

Following your surgery, Dr Chang will monitor your progress, remove the sutures and gauze dressings, and treat any issue should it arise and our dedicated team will also be on-hand to provide you with ongoing patient care.

We look forward to supporting you on your COSMETIC JOURNEY.

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