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 Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

One of the most effective, non-surgical procedures that immediately lifts, rejuvenates and tightens the face is the new, Silhouette Soft Thread Lift.

Using absorbable threads and cones to reposition and contour the soft facial tissues, the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift can either be performed to create a mini-facelift effect or target specific areas that have lost volume including the neck, cheeks, jowls and around the eyes and lips.

Fine needles are used to insert the threads through small but precise incisions under the skin. Anchored with a mesh and cone, the threads are then pulled to reposition the skin to create the lifting effect.

Over the next six months the dissolvable Polylactic acid threads will also stimulate collagen production and help replenish the volume for a further 12-15 months; an effect that will continue to create a more youthful shape to the face.

Performed under a local an anaesthetic to minimise discomfort, the absorbable threads equally reduce the possibility of infection or a reaction to any foreign bodies beneath the surface of the skin. 

The Silhouette Soft procedure is best suited for patients with moderate cases of sagging skin (ages 35-65).

During your consultation with Dr Chang, your suitability for the procedure will be discussed along with the number of threads that will be required. 

DOWNTIME: A 90-minute procedure which will leave you with some swelling and bruising for two-four days. The procedure also uses absorbable sutures. FOLLOW UP SESSIONS: Every 15-18 months to maintain the lifting effect. As a specialist plastic surgeon trained in maxilla-facial surgery and the Silhouette Soft method, Dr Chang will further draw upon his expertise to optimise the results.


Introducing Silhouette Soft:

Silhouette Soft’s video presentation outlines the procedure and techniques used in the application of their advanced thread lifts.  

Please note that the information featured in the video is only a general overview and some patients may not suited for the procedure. During your consultation, Dr Chang will first assess your facial structure and the condition of your skin and may recommend an alternative, non-surgical procedure if he believes the Silhouette Soft will not produce the desired results.

The above image was purchased under licence (c) Shutterstock.