Skin Recovery

In spring and summer, we like to bare the skin. So when the cooler season arrives, we not only have more opportunities to cover up after undergoing plastic surgery but also plenty of time to recover indoors – away from prying eyes.

You have decided that you are ready to undergo plastic surgery, and you have scheduled your consultation with Dr Chang. But the quandary most patients face is choosing the most appropriate time for their desired operation.

With annual leave no longer confined to the summer months, the cooler months more often than not present a perfect time to hibernate and recover — especially as the end-result may take several months to take final shape.

Keeping Your Recovery Under Wraps!

Spring and summer are often fast-paced seasons. Amid the social swirl and family gatherings, there are often more events that require you to be outdoors and with little time curl up indoors and rest. If you have school-aged children, the demands to partake in many more outdoor activities will make the required downtime even more impossible to manage.

The best time to recover from surgery, however, is usually easier when the mercury dips. Families are more likely to toss away the social diaries and be less tempted to be lured by the winter sun.  This is a particularly ideal time for Mummy Makeovers or other major surgeries and liposuction procedures, where movement is quite restricting and the post-recovery period is more extensive.  And if you do have to go outdoors you can keep your surgical sutures, swelling and bruising under wraps with bulkier clothing and layered pieces including scarves.

Fun in the Sun? Absolutely Not.

It is important that you limit direct sun exposure while the wounds are healing. This is why the cooler months are ideal for the many weeks of recovery as the sun is less intense and the days are shorter; conditions that lessen the chances of infections, speed up the recovery process and encourage you to spend more times indoors.

Book your consultation now so by late spring you will be ‘summer-ready’. Most surgeries including breast reduction, abdominoplasty and arm-lifts also require up to a minimum of 12 weeks before you can resume everyday activities. Also plan for one-two weeks of post-surgical downtime, when rest is required and only light activities are allowed.

No matter the procedure, the key to recovery is plenty of rest and no stress. Most surgeries not only require several weeks of post-operative care in a comfortable environment but also time for your new shape to take place.

So what better time to peel away the layers in time for the long, hot summer.

Are You Ready for Plastic Surgery?

Before you consider undergoing plastic surgery, there are several factors you should consider. This includes ensuring that you are emotionally, physically and financially prepared for surgery and have a network of support during your initial post-recovery period, either with family, friends or a community worker.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I healthy? Surgery involves anaesthesia and often several weeks of extensive recovery. If you’re not in good health, you have a higher risk of experiencing surgical complications. Dr Chang will discuss your overall health, medical history and diet, and provide you with the necessary steps to prepare yourself for surgery and the weeks of recovery.

To achieve the best results, you may be required or recommended to follow an exercise and diet regime [to be at or close to your ideal body weight]. Additionally, you will be asked to stop smoking and consuming alcohol.

Do I have realistic goals?

The decision to undergo any form of plastic surgery is an important one. Not only should you have realistic expectations about the surgical outcome, but your informed decision should also be made on the advice and medical options offered to achieve the best results. Most importantly, you need to be emotionally ready for physical change.

Will the surgery fit in with my commitments?

Whether you decide to undergo plastic surgery during the cooler or warmer months, you must take into consideration the length of time you will need to fully recover. Your commitment to this period will help optimise the end results.

Dr Chang will discuss all of your options and our team will design a customised post-operation plan. Your health, safety and general well-being is our number one priority.

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