SmoothEye |

As we age, the delicate skin that surrounds the eyes is one of the first areas of the face that reveals the passage of time. But there are several minimally-invasive treatments that will rejuvenate your appearance with a flick of a switch.

SmoothEye™ by Fotona is a non-ablative and non-surgical procedure that reverse signs of aging around the periocular region. Gentle, fast and minimally-invasive, the Smooth Mode setting of the erbium laser is applied as a ‘feather-like’ heating technique to generate targeted thermo reactions of the skin around the eye.

By stimulating the extracellular matrix through neocollagenesis [the trigger of the skin’s eternal youth]; SmoothEye also improves the skin’s elasticity, overall structure and volume within 3-5 days of the treatment [individual results will vary, subject to the age and condition of the patient’s skin].

Either performed as a standalone treatment or a combined procedure with anti-wrinkle injections, a topical numbing cream will also be applied to the area before commencing with the procedure to ensure maximum comfort. Based on the degree of skin laxity and your natural ageing process, you may also benefit from ongoing treatments. The initial effect, however, may last up to four months or longer [the results will vary with each patient].

DOWNTIME: After the treatment, the skin may appear to be slightly swollen and pink for up to 24 hours to three days but for some patients there is little or no downtime. FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS. It is recommended that you have 2-3 sessions once a month to achieve optimal results.