Beautiful Skin Care Products

We tell ourselves that it’s a privilege to grow old gracefully. And that saying is true. But it is just as important to look fresh and youthful during our 40s, 50s and senior years.

Beautiful skin care starts with the right cosmeceuticals.

ASPECT DR and COSMEDIX offer a range of specialised products that address specific skin conditions as well as natural and intrinsic ageing. They include moisturising creams and intensive serums that trigger cellular renewal, calm hyperactive skin conditions such as rosacea and acne and reduce pigmentation in addition to energising the skin with a boost of Vitamin A, C and B.

Our senior dermal therapist, Michele Hetherington can recommend a selection of serums and creams tailored to your skin. Additionally, our MediSpa can provide you with a complete Starter Kit, Problem Skin Kit or Age Management Kit for your beauty regime at home.

Please view our BLOG  on skin cancer and the dangerous effects of excessive ultraviolet (UV) light exposure [not one of the most damaging effects that cause our skin to prematurely age].

Fotona Lasers

For over five decades, award-winning Fotona has remained at the forefront of innovation with their advanced laser technologies, which is why Dr Lionel Chang & Associates has chosen to use their high-performance aesthetic lasers for our MediSpa.

With each new generation laser, Fotona has diversified the level of application and functions by working closely with the world’s premier universities and medical research centres — an essential point of difference that allows us to optimise our patients’ results and medispa experience.

Please note that the information featured in the video is only a general overview. During your initial consultation with Michele Hetherington, Senior Dermal Therapist, you will receive a comprehensive assessment based on your age, medical history, unique physical characteristics and your desired outcome. 

Each recommended treatment is subject to a full skin evaluation and your medical history [including any viruses that may impact the outcome]. Laser treatments cannot be performed on patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding or have a predisposition to keloid formations and lesions.

Please view our MediSpa Skin Treatment page.

Skin Cancer Removal

It is a well-known fact that Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancers in the world. 

More sobering is the fact that 17 per cent of the population — 2.7 million adults — suffer from sunburn each summer with over 20,000 being treated for skin cancers annually, of which 13,000 are for melanomas. By the age of 70 years, it is now stated that two in three Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer with more than 2000 patients dying each year.

As a specialist plastic surgeon, I say this to every patient. No one is immune from developing skin cancer and the risks increase as you get older.

Skin cancers are treated by several non-invasive and surgical methods, depending on the type of cancer, its size and location on your body and its stage of growth. During your consultation, I will discuss the best procedure to safely remove the cancerous cells along with your medical background, the level of scarring that will result from the procedure and any risks associated with the surgery.

Non-melanoma skin cancers are mostly removed under a local anaesthetic, however, for the more advanced skin cancers, day surgery will be required. Our skin cancer clinic also provides a wide range of ablative and non-ablative laser treatments and skin excisions to remove skin lesions including moles and cysts.

Additionally, I perform skin grafts as well as reconstructive surgery, which leaves the area with more aesthetically-pleasing results.

DOWNTIME: Short treatment or day surgery, depending on the skin cancer. The sutures are removed anywhere from seven to 10 days. FOLLOW UP SESSIONS: Depending on the procedure.

Please view our SKIN CANCER page and read our BLOG.