Triggers for Ageing


There is going to come a time in everyone’s life when we cannot stop the natural process of ageing. Some, however, may mature faster than their biological age. But how we age is often up to us.


In fact, there are a number of factors that cause our skin to age and in most cases [medical reasons aside], the rapid ageing process comes down to our lifestyle choices. Here is the lowdown on the causes for ageing skin.

Sun Exposure

In Australia, UV rays cause more skin cancers than anywhere in the world. Additionally, excess exposure to the sun also damages our natural skin barrier and slows down the turnover of healthy new skin cells. In turn, you will develop premature wrinkles and see a weakening in the skin’s support structure [our protective skin barrier].

Whether you enjoy tanning or simply like to walk, garden or go for a drive on a sunny day, you remain at risk of UV exposure — the number one cause of ageing skin. So never leave home without SPF 30 or more, stay away from harsh sunlight and lavish the sunscreen when you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

Such disciplines will make a difference in your natural ageing process, not to mention your youthful appearance.

See our blog on skin cancers.

Free Radical Pollution

Sydney may be a glorious city to live in but like major metropolises, it has a high concentration of air pollution — another major trigger in breaking down your protective skin barrier and accelerating toxic stress to the skin.

In turn, the exposure slows down cellular turnover, decreases oxygen and collagen in the skin and causes the cells to age more swiftly. It’s not uncommon to also experience an uneven tone and texture along with a host of skin conditions including severe acne and pigmentation.

So before you head outside, apply Biopelle Tensage’s synergised skin care creams which includes SCA Biorepair technology and SPF protection.


Yes, let’s blame it on genetics. Our genetic code underscores our DNA and many of the antioxidant enzymes we produce are inherent in our genomes. It is these enzymes which are responsible for repairing any damage to our genetic code as we age.

Thankfully, BBL Light Therapy [also known as intense pulse light] has been shown to change the expression of genes associated with aging, with great improvements in clinical ratings of intrinsic and extrinsic skin aging parameter.


Yes, stress and it’s up there on our hit list.

Stress not only causes the body to go in a fight or flight mode due to an increase in your cortisol levels, but it also causes havoc to the skin. From acne to rosacea, your natural skin barrier will begin to break down over time, leaving you depleted of natural hydration and sebum production and more vulnerable to free radical damage — one of the key causes of progressive ageing.

So slow down. Breathe. And speak to us about addressing any skin condition that may have developed.

Sleep Deprivation

There’s a reason why a good night’s rest is called ‘beauty sleep’

A healthy system requires 7-9 hours of sleep every night for the skin to begin its natural rejuvenation and regeneration process. This includes shutting off all electronic devices and turning off the lights before 11 PM.

If you deprive yourself of sleep, the ravages of time will soon reveal itself on your face. Not only does lack of sleep accelerate the ageing process, but it also wreaks havoc on your general well-being including your ability to function.

When we in the midst of deep sleep, the brain’s pituitary gland secretes growth hormones which are vital in maintaining and regenerating body tissues including our skin. If you deprive yourself of sleep, the ravages of time will soon reveal itself on your face and over time, accelerate the ageing process.      


If you’re a smoker, you are on the fast-track to ageing. There are no exceptions.

When you inhale smoke, you not only are adding toxins to the skin but the smoke from the tobacco will also leave an unsightly colour, tone and texture. Then there are the wrinkles you’re adding around the mouth including the area above your top lip.

From a medical standpoint, smoking also increases the risk of various cancers. See a specialist to help treat the addiction. We will also help restore or rejuvenate any free radical damage through a series of collagen-producing dermal fillers and Fotona laser treatments.

Quit smoking — now.



In the same way that smoking affects your body, so does your diet.

You know how essential vitamins, minerals and proteins are to the body. Yet few realise that a poor diet can truly impact the skin by causing acne, dullness, inflammation and redness; conditions that all contribute to rapid ageing and multiple health disorders.

So when you think of nourishing your body, think about your skin.

For instance, let the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables feed and hydrate the skin and avoid a high sugar intake so that the proteins that produce collagen and elastin keep skin soft and supple. Some of the superfoods to include in your diet should include blueberries, whole grains and fish with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

And what to avoid? Yo-yo dieting! Any excessive weight gain or weight loss can damage the skin’s elastic structure [and your overall health] over time.

Speak to Dr Chang if you require assistance with your diet before you embark on fat-reducing treatments including a double-chin reduction.


While we know that smoking is bad for health, excess alcohol is just as damaging.

It’s true that red wine serves as an excellent antioxidant but when drunk in excess [as with all spirits and wines] your alcohol levels will deplete the body of the essential hydration nutrients and hydration that is needed to maintain a healthy glow. Even more alarming is the fact that alcohol will reduce your levels of vitamin A; a vital nutrient that triggers cellular turnover and acts as a natural antioxidant.

And what will you be left with? A pallid and dry complexion and most likely more wrinkles. If your liver has been affected, there is also a chance where your entire complexion will look discoloured.

Thankfully, there are a number of treatments that will help counter lacklustre skin including our Biopelle Microneedling therapy.

Our tip? Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water (up to 2-3 litres a day), coconut water and green tea, which also acts as an antioxidant.

Facial Expressions

It’s true what our mothers taught us. Never squint or scrunch up your face.

As our facial muscles are constantly contracting, it’s important that we take care not to frown. With so many non-invasive and preventative measures now in place [including laser and anti-wrinkle treatments, and dermal fillers], we can temporarily paralyse certain muscles and help soften and relax our facial appearance.

With regular treatments over time, the deep formation of ageing lines around the eyes [crows feet], brow and mouth will not be as pronounced. Also, wear sunglasses to avoid squinting and make sure that you have sufficient sleep each night. Even a 20-minute cat nap will help relax the face and mind.

Dr Chang offers myriad treatments to lessen fine lines and wrinkles as well as plump, augment and contour the face and jawline.

What to remember?

Your skin is your body’s largest organ so it’s important that you look after it to minimise premature ageing. So follow our cardinal rules by incorporating a daily skin-care regime and keep your skin clean and moisturised. Use medical-grade cosmeceuticals. Always wear SPF sunscreen. And eat well and drink plenty of water.

Let’s celebrate the Year of Beautiful Skin.

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